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Dalhousie and Nearby Destinations :

photo : Jandari Ghat View DalhousieThe late Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru has said "One of the finest hill stations in India is Dalhousie from the point of view of beauty, climate and agreeable surroundings. For my part, I would rather go to Dalhousie than amost any hill staion in India, Kashmir apart". The key features of Dalhousie are the gorgeous valleys, level walks on the Mall roads and interesting tracks amidst the dense forests. On a clear day, you can see the three rivers, the Satluj, Beas and Ravi, meandering down the beautiful valleys.

photo : Church in Dalhousie Dalhousie still has a touch of British rule, which is reflected by its colonial style buildings and houses, which bring back the flavour of an earlier era. Dalhousie has famous churches like St. John's Church, St. Francis' Church, St. Andrew's Church, and St. Patric. A Temple of Lakshami Narayan enshrined a beautiful image of Vishnu, stands in a Sadar Bazaar was built more than 150 years ago. Guru Rabinder Nath Tagore visited Dalhousie in his boyhood with his father, Pt. Jwahar Lal Nehru visited Dalhousie twice. He first visited Dalhousie in the year 1925 and his second visit was made in the year 1954 when he was the Prime Minister of India. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose stayed in Dalhousie in the year 1937.

photo : Bakrota Hills Dalhousie with its breath taking mountain chains, healthy climate and thick forests of deodar trees attracts a lot of tourists from near and far. Tourism in Dalhousie is soul refreshing as Dalhousie is the quietest hill station in India. A visit to Dalhousie is suitable in all seasons as Dalhousie offers unique experience to tourists in all seasons. In Summer, the beauty of majestic Bakrota Hills and other areas of Dalhousie cast a magical spell on the tourists. In Winter, Dalhousie offers a memorable experience of fun in snow as the place receives heavy snowfall in winter. In Rainy season, Dalhousie offers memorable experience of passing clouds and heavy fog, especially the fog during rainy season in Dalhousie is so wide spread that one feels like walking through clouds.

photo : Ajit Singh Memorial Dalhousie is easily approachable from Delhi, Punjab and Chandigarh as well as from other important places of Himachal. Any kind of transportation is easily available.Dalhousie has a number of famous places i.e. Bakrota Hills, Ajit Singh Memorial, Kalatop, Malls, Dain or Dayan Kund, Subhash Baoli, Jandari Ghat etc. which provide tourists with a memorable experience together with fine healthy climate and breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains.

photo : Dalhousie View There are two very beautiful lakes around Dalhousie i.e. Chamera Lake and Khajjiar Lake, among the two, Khajjiar lake falls under the kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary and set amongst thick deodar forest. The area around this beautiful lake is natural paradise. There is a wildlife sanctuary in Dalhousie area named Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary which starts from Kalatop area of Dalhousie and extends up to Khajjiar area. This is an easily approachable wildlife sanctuary.

Dalhousie with its unsurpassed scenic beauty, healthy and soul refreshing climate, breathtaking Dhauladhar mountain ranges is a place where one can easily find himself lost in the unbelievable natural beauty. These are some key qualities which show why Tourism in Dalhousie has always been the choice of many tourists from near and far. Dalhousie is sure one of the finest and must visiting places of Himachal.

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photo : Khajjiar
Dalhousie and Khajjiar :
Just 23km. from Dalhousie, a small picturesque saucer-shaped plateau surrounded by dense pine and deodar forests, is one of the 160 places throughout the world to have been designated Mini Switzerland. No wilderness in Himachal is so easily accessible and beautiful as Khajjiar. Summers are fairly pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 12°C to 25°C. Winters are extremely cold, with temperatures dipping as low as 2°C to 10°C.

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Dalhousie and Chamba :
Just 52km. from Dalhousie, the valley of milk and honey is known for its streams, meadows, temples, paintings, rumal ( handkerchief ) and lakes. Chamba has few rivals for its scenic beauty. Fascinated by its breathtaking landscapes, beauty and rich culture, the historians have described Chamba as Achamba ( the Charming ). The summer temperatures range between 15°C and 38°C, while the winter temperatures usually remain between 8°C and 15°C.

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Dharamsala / Dharamshala and Nearby Destinations :

photo : Dhauladhar view Dharamsala stands at the foot of Dhauladhar and has a magnificent view of snowy peaks, deodar and pine forests, tea gardens and beautiful hills. The snow line is perhaps more easily accessible at Dharamsala than any other hill station in India. Dharamsala now really has become international, with a number of Tibetan settlements and the residence of Noble Laureate the ‘Dalai Lama’. Dharamsala is devided into two distinct parts : lower Dharamsala the civil and business area with Courts and Kotwali bazar and upper Dharamsala composed of places like Mcleod Ganj and Forsyth Ganj.

photo : Dal Lake Dharamsala is easily accessible from Delhi, Punjab and Chandigarh and from other important places of Himachal. Tourism in Dharamsala offers two very beautiful lakes around Dharamsala i.e. Dal Lake and Kareri Lake. Both the lakes are situated amidst the beautiful surroundings. The area around Dal Lake is a natural paradise. Dal Lake falls on the road to Naddi, one of the finest places in Dharamsala. Another road branches off from Dal Lake road to Strawberry Hills, a very fine place to explore around Dal Lake.

photo : War Memorial There is a beautiful temple of Mata Kunal Pathari near Dharamsala town. Located near the beautiful tea gardens, Kunal Pathari Temple offers good view of the Dhauladhar Range. It is a very ideal place for having a memorable walk. Tourism in Dharamsala offers some very beautiful places to explore around i.e. War Memorial, Mcleodganj, Bhagsunag Fall, St. John's Church in the wilderness, Dharamkot, Triund and Naddi. All these places greets the tourists with refreshing winds and offer a memorable experience. There is a wildlife sanctuary named Pong Lake Sanctuary near Dharamsala and a mini zoo named Gopalpur Zoo near Dharamsala.

Dharamsala with its grand view of majestic Dhauladhar Mountain Range and beautiful surroundings has always been one of the favorite places of tourists not only from India but from abroad too. A huge number of tourists visit Dharamsala every year. Dharamsala is one of the must visiting places of himachal.

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photo : Palampur
Dharamsala and Palampur :
Just arouns 40km. from Dharamsala, Palampur is surrounded on all sides by tea gardens and pine forests. The place enjoys a healthy climate and the pine scented air is said to have curative properties. Behind this town stands high ranges of Dhauladhar mountains, whose tops remain covered with snow for most part of the year. Palampur is very famous for its para-gliding sites i.e. Bir and Biling. The summer temperatures range between 22°C and 33°C, while the winter temperatures usually remain between 0°C and 18°C.

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Manali and Nearby Destinations :

Solang Tourism in Manali offers a great and quality time in the lap of Himalaya. Manali is gifted with superb scenic wealth and have many famous places to explore around i.e. Solang Valley, Marhi, Vashisht, Rohtang Pass, Kothi, Nehru Kund, Club House, Rohla Falls etc. Manali can be described as the winter sports capital of Himachal and attracts an uncountable number of tourists all year long. Even in winter, Manali is full of tourists from India as well as from abroad. Tourism in Manali offers many kind of winter sports. The slopes of Manali are among the best slopes in the world for skiing and heli skiing.

Hadimba or Hidimba temple Like all other places of Himachal, a number of fairs and festivals are celebrated in Manali every year i.e. Nalwari fair, Phagli fair, Dhoongri fair, Dhungri forest festival, Lossar festival etc. which add to the beautiful experience of tourism in Manali during these fairs and festivals. There are a number of beautful temples around Manali area i.e. Hadimba or Hidimba temple, Jagatsukh, Lord Rama temple, Arjun Goofa, Manu Maharaj temple. Especially the Hibimba Devi temple is very famous among tourists and is very easily approachable from the market as well as from the main road. Most of the temples in Manali are situated amidst beautiful surroundings.

Dashir Lake There are some beautiful lakes to visit around Manali i.e. Dashir lake, Suraj Tal lake, Bhrigu lake. These lakes are situated at mighty height from mean sea level and offer a great panorama of mountain scenery to the tourists. There are a number of wildlife sanctuaries in Kullu region and the most easily accessible wildlife sanctuary in Manali is Manali Wildlife Sactuary. It is a great place for wild life lovers visiting Manali.

Tourism in Manali offers everlasting memories of great fun and enjoyment in the lap of majestic Himalaya. Manali with its superb scenic wealth and breathtaking landscapes is one of the pricipal show places of Himachal.

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photo : Kullu
Manali and Kullu :
Just 50 km. from Manali and on the way to Manali, Kullu also known as ‘Valley of Gods’ has numerous temples. Kullu valley offers a scenic charm of peaceful wooded glades and rivers through the rocks. The Dashehra of Kullu is world famous. The ancient Hindus regarded Kullu as the farthest limit of human habitation ‘Kulantapitha’ and its original name finds mention in the epics, The Ramayana and Mahabharta as well as the Vishnu Purana. The summer temperatures range between 18°C and 30°C, while the winter temperatures usually remain between 5°C and 16°C.

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Shimla and Nearby Destinations :

photo : Scandal Point A place of peace and pleasure, Shimla is a tourist resort in real sense of the world. The best season of the year here is autumn but the early spring runs a close second. Shimla is connected with air, rail, and road traffics. Shimla under snow is a wonderful sight and it offers the unique attraction of an open air ice skating rink. Also the legendary Ridge under snow and snow sports at Kufri make Shimla a wonderful winter holiday resort.

photo : Kufri Shimla combines the luxury of being a hill station as well as a city. Tourism in Shimla is advanturous and delightful as Shimla offers a lot of beautiful places to explore and a lot of tourism related activities. The main attraction of tourism in shimla is the The Mall and the Ridge. These two places are the most favorable places in Shimla. Kufri and Narkanda offers great opportunity for tourism in Shimla because of snow covered terrains and skiing in winter season. Britishers called Shimla "the queen of hill stations" and staying true to this saying, Shimla and its nearby areas are heavens for any kind of tourism related activities. Tourism in Shimla offers everlasting memories of rocking and quality time spent in the heart of Himalayas.

photo : Ridge View PointA number of fairs and festival are celebrated in Shimla i.e. bhahara fair, bhoj fair, lavi fair, mahasu fair, sipi fair, summer festival. winter sports festival and ruhru festival, among which the Summer Festival and Winter Sports Festival are the most famous ones. Summer festival in Shimla is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm, a great number of artists from all over India come to Shimla during this time and perform in Summer festival. Shimla has a number of famous temples i.e. jakhu temple, tara devi temple, kali bari temple, sankat mochan temple and kamna devi temple which offer a great experience to tourists. Especially the view of surrounding hills and sunset from Jakhu Temple is breathtaking.

photo : Dawn View of Shimla There are some beautiful lakes in Shimla i.e. karali lake, chander naun lake and tanu jubbal lake which add to the beauty of Shimla. Shimla is rich in wild life and there are a number of wildlife sanctuaries in Shimla i.e. shimla water catchment sanctuary, daranghati sanctuary, chail samctuary, churadhar sanctuary and majathal sanctuary which provide a great experience to wildlife lovers.

photo : Annadale Golf Ground There are a number of famous and beautiful tourist places in Shimla i.e. jakhu hill, the mall, the ridge, kufri, naldera, annadale, narkanda, indian institute of advanced study, the state museum, fagu, mashobra, summer hill, glen, tattapani etc. All these places are blessed with natural beauty and offer a memorable experience to tourists. Some of these places turn to winter sports heavens during winter time.

Shimla with its unsurpassed scenic beauty and overall grand experience of tourism in Shimla of many kinds is sure the prime show place of Himachal. A must visiting place where there is no limit to fun and enjoyment.

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photo : Solan
Shimla and Solan :
Just 50 km. from Shimla, Solan is situated midway between Kalka and Shimla. the fine climate of this place round the year makes it an ideal destination for all seasons. The mountains near Solan offer interesting trekking possibilities and its streams are well stocked with a variety of game fish. The Climate is warm and pleasant in summer and cold in winter. The temperature usually varies from -2°C and 35°C. depending on the altitude and season.

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