Himachal Quick Glance:

Himachal Rivers Quick Glance :

  1. Sutlej River
    flowing through parts of Kinnaur, Rampur and Tattapani
  2. Beas River
    flowing through Manali, Kullu, Mandi, Sujanpur, Dehra
  3. Ravi River
    flowing through Chamba )
  4. Spiti River
    flowing through Kaza, Tabo and Chango )
  5. Chandra River
    flowing through Batal, Chhatru, Gramphoo and Tandi
  6. Bhaga River
    flowing through Dharcha and Keylong )
  7. Chandra/Bhaga/Chenab River
    flowing through Udaipur and Killar
  8. Parvati River
    flowing through Manikaran
  9. Giri River
    flowing through Renuka
  10. Pabbar River
    flowing through Hatkoti and Rohru
  11. Yamuna River
    flowing through Paonta Sahib
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Himachal Lakes Quick Glance :

  1. Chandra Tal
    12 km. trek from Kunzum Pass
  2. Suraj Tal
    15 km. trek from Patseo
  3. Nako Lake
    at Nako )
  4. Bhrigu Lake
    13 km. trek from Manali
  5. Dashir Lake
    6 km. from Rohtang Pass
  6. Beas Kund
    20 km. trek from Solang
  7. Mantalai Lake
    6 days trek from Manikaran
  8. Prashar Lake
    5 km. trek from Pandoh
  9. Seoralsar Lake
    11 km. trek from Jalori Pass
  10. Kareri Lake
    28 km. trek from Dharamsala
  11. Manimahesh Lake
    120 km. from Chamba
  12. Dal Lake
    2 km. from Mcleodganj
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Himachal Fishing Resorts Quick Glance :

  1. Rohru
    famous for Trout Fishing and 128 km. from Shimla
  2. Chirgaon
    famous for Trout Fishing and 143 km. from Shimla
  3. Tattapani
    famous for Trout Fishing and 51 km. from Shimla
  4. Katrain
    famous for Trout Fishing and 20 km. from Manali
  5. Largi
    famous for Trout Fishing and 34 km. from Kullu
  6. Banjar
    famous for Trout Fishing and 55 km. from Kullu
  7. Kasol
    famous for Trout Fishing and 5 km. from Manikaran
  8. Dehra
    famous for Mahasheer Fishing and 11 km. from Jwalamukhi
  9. Nadaun
    famous for Mahasheer Fishing and 28 km. from Hamirpur
  10. Maharana Pratap Sgar or Pong Dam
    famous for Mahasheer Fishing and 36 km. from Chintpurni
  11. Barot
    famous for Mahasheer Fishing and 39 km. from Jogindernagar
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Himachal Hot Springs Quick Glance :

  1. Vashisht
    type is Sulphur Springs and is 3 km. from Manali.
  2. Kalath
    type is Hot Springs and is 9 km. from Manali.
  3. Manikaran
    type is Hot Springs and is 45 km. from Kullu.
  4. Khirganga
    type is Hot Springs and is 33 km. trek from Manikaran.
  5. Tattapani
    type is Hot Springs and is 51 km from Shimla.
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Himachal Museums Quick Glance :

  1. State Museum
    located at Shimla.
  2. HPTDC's Museum
    located at Naggar Castle.
  3. Reorich Art Gallery
    located at Naggar.
  4. Bhuri Singh Museum
    located at Chamba.
  5. Shobha Singh Art Gallery
    located at Andreta, Palampur.
  6. Kangra Art Gallery
    located at Dharamsala.
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Himachal Fairs & Festivals Quick Glance :

  1. Shivratri Fair
    held at Baijnath in February.
  2. Shivratri Fair
    held at Mandi in February-March.
  3. Nalwari Cattle Fair
    held at Bilaspur in March.
  4. Chessu Fair
    held at Rewalsar in March.
  5. Holi Fair
    held at Sujanpur Tira in March.
  6. Rohru Festival
    held at Rohru in April.
  7. Summer Festival
    held at Dharamsala in May.
  8. Summer Festival
    held at Shimla in May-June.
  9. Salloni Fair
    held at Solan in June.
  10. Minjar Fair
    held at Chamba in July.
  11. Ladarcha Fair
    held at Kaza in July-August.
  12. Tribal Fair
    held at Keylond in August.
  13. Phulaich Festival
    held at Sangla in August-September.
  14. Manimahesh Yatra
    held at Mountain Kailash reached by trek from Bharmaur ( Chamba ) in August-September.
  15. Dushehra Festival
    held at Kullu in October-November.
  16. Lavi Fair
    held at Rampur in November.
  17. Renuka Fair
    held at Rampur in November.
  18. Tribal Festival
    held at Recong Peo in October-November.
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Himachal Wild Life / Zoo / Pheasantry Quick Glance :

  1. Himalayan National Park
    at TuttiKandi in Shimla.
  2. Shimla Wildlife Sanctuary
    at Kufri in Shimla.
  3. Pheasantry
    at Chaura Maidan in Shimla.
  4. Renuka Wildlife Sanctuary
    at Renuka in Sirmaur.
  5. Churdhar Wildlife Sanctuary
    at Nauradhar in Sirmaur.
  6. Chail Wildlife Sanctuary
    at Chail in Solan.
  7. Great Himalayan National Park
    at Parvati Valley in Kullu.
  8. Manali Wildlife Sanctuary
    at Manali in Kullu.
  9. Shikari Devi Wildlife Sanctuary
    at Janjehali.
  10. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary
    at Khajjiar in Chamba.
  11. Kugti Wildlife Sanctuary
    at Bharmaur in Chamba.
  12. Pin Valley National Park
    at Spiti.
  13. Nature Park
    at Kufri in Shimla.
  14. Mini Zoo
    at Gopalpur in Kangra.
  15. Pheasantry
    at Manali in Kullu.
  16. Pheasantry
    at Sarahan in Shimla.
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Himachal Temples Quick Glance :

  1. Trilokpur Temple
    at Trilokpur 16 km. from Nahan.
  2. Renuka Temple
    at Renuka 45 km. from Nahan.
  3. Parshuram Temple
    at Nirmund 14 km. from Rampur.
  4. Hateshwari Temple
    at Hatkoti 104 km. from Shimla.
  5. Surya Temple
    at Nirth 122 km. from Shimla.
  6. Bhimakali Temple
    at Sarahan 175 km. from Shimla.
  7. Tarna Devi and Bhootnath Temples
    at Mandi.
  8. Naina Devi Temple
    at Naina Devi.
  9. Baba Balaknath Temple
    at Deot Sidh.
  10. Chintpurni Temple
    at Chintpurni.
  11. Jawalaji Temple
    at Jwalamukhi in district Kangra.
  12. Brijeshwari Temple
    at Kangra.
  13. Chamundaji Temple
    at Chamunda in district Kangra.
  14. Shiva Temple
    at Baijnath in Kangra.
  15. Bhagsunag Temple
    at Bhagsunag 12 km. from Dharamsala.
  16. Masroor Rock Temple
    at Masroor 46 km. from Dharamsala.
  17. Basheshwar Mahadev Temple
    at Bajaura 15 km. from Kullu.
  18. Raghunathji Temple
    at Kullu.
  19. Bijli Mahadev Temple
    at 12 km. trek from Kullu.
  20. Shiva and Ram Temples
    at Manikaran.
  21. Gayatri Temple
    at Jagatsukh 6 km. from Manali.
  22. Hadimba Devi Temple
    at Manali.
  23. Trilokinath Temple
    at Trilokpur 150 km. from Manali.
  24. Mrikula Devi Temple
    at Udaipur 150 km. from Manali.
  25. Laxmi Narain Temple
    at Chamba Bazaar.
  26. Chaurasi Temples
    at Bharmaur 65 km. from Chamba.
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Himachal Churches Quick Glance :

  1. The Christ Church
    at Kasauli in district Solan.
  2. The Christ Church
    at The Ridge in Shimla.
  3. St. John Church in Wilderness
    at Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala in district Kangra.
  4. St. Andrew's Church
    at Dalhousie in district Chamba.
  5. St. Patrick's Church
    at Dalhousie in district Chamba.
  6. St. Francis' Church
    at Subhash Chowk, Dalhousie in district Chamba.
  7. St. John's Church
    at Gandhi Chowk, Dalhousie in district Chamba.
  8. Church in Chamba
    at Chamba Chowgan Bazaar.
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Himachal Monasteries Quick Glance :

  1. Ki Monastery also known as Kie Gompa
    at 7 km. from Kaza in district Lahaul Spiti.
  2. Kungri Monastery
    at 32 km. from Kaza in district Lahaul Spiti.
  3. Thangyud Monastery
    at Komik 6 km. trek from Kaza in district Lahaul Spiti.
  4. Shasur Monastery
    at 3 km. from Keylong in district Lahaul Spiti.
  5. Tayul Monastery
    at 96 km. from Keylong in district Lahaul Spiti.
  6. Khardong Monastery
    at 5 km. from Keylong in district Lahaul Spiti.
  7. Guru Ghantal Monastery
    at 4 km. trek from Tandi in district Lahaul Spiti.
  8. Gemur Monastery
    at Gemur, 18 km. from Keylong in district Lahaul Spiti.
  9. Monastery
    at Manali in district Kullu.
  10. Tashijong Monastery
    at 2o km. from Joginder Nagar in district Mandi.
  11. Monastery
    at Mcleodganj, Dharamsala in district Kangra.
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Himachal Heritage Quick Glance :

  1. Indian Institute of Advance Studies
    at Shimla.
  2. Christ Church
    at the Ridgein district Shimla.
  3. The Palace
    at Chail in district Solan.
  4. Padam Palace
    at Rampur.
  5. Bhimakali Temple
    at Sarahan 175 km. from Shimla.
  6. Naggar Castle
    at Naggar.
  7. St. John's Church
    at Dharamsala in district Kangra.
  8. Kangra Fort
    at Kangra.
  9. Sujanpur Fort
    at Sujanpur.
  10. Kamru Fort
    at Sangla in district Kinnaur.
  11. Morang Fort
    at Morang in district Kinnaur.
  12. Gondla Fort
    at Gondla in district Lahaul Spiti.
  13. Tabo Monastery
    at Tabo in district Lahaul Spiti.
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Himachal Important Peaks Quick Glance :

  1. Kinner Kailash Peak
    6,050 meters in height.
  2. Mulkila Peak
    6,517 meters in height.
  3. Hatu Peak
    3,136 meters in height.
  4. Churdhar Peak
    3,647 meters in height.
  5. Sikar Beh
    6,200 meters in height.
  6. Hanuman Tibba
    5,932 meters in height.
  7. Kailash Peak
    5,656 meters in height.
  8. Geopang Goh Peak
    5,870 meters in height.
  9. Sarchu Peak
    5,741 meters in height.
  10. Shrikhand Mahadev Peak
    5,227 meters in height.
  11. Mukar Beh
    6,069 meters in height.
  12. Indrasan
    6,220 meters in height.
  13. Deo Tibba
    6,001 meters in height.
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Himachal Adventure Activities Quick Glance :

  1. Skiing
    at Narkanda in Shimla and Solang in Manali.
  2. Heli Skiing
    at Rohtang Pass in Manali.
  3. Mountaineering
    at Manali Mountaineering Institute.
  4. Rock Climbing
    at Manali Mountaineering Institute.
  5. River Rafting
    at Manali, Rampur, Jispa and Spiti.
  6. Para Gliding
    at Bir and Biling in Palampur and Solang in Manali
  7. Ice Skating
    at Shimla.
  8. Trekking
    at all over the State.
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