Religious Tourism :

  1. Shiva - the principal deity

    Since time immemorial, the Himalayas has been recognized as the sanctuary for ascetics and sages. The Himalayas also occupy a central place in Hinduism. The whole region is considered the realm of Shiva- the supreme ascetic, and 'Pashupati' - the protecting deity of pastoral herds.

  2. Famous Deities of Himachal

    Vishnu is known as the preserver and redeemer of the universe and its laws. He is shown as the sleeping figure who dreams of the universe, thereby keeping it in existence. Lord Vishnu fulfills this role through acts performed in both the cosmic and physical world.

  3. Famous Temples in Himachal

    Himachal is god's own abode. There are too much temples that one cannot even count them all. Almost every temple has some kind of fair or festival connected with it. Dotted with temples, the State has literally one every hamlet. Most of the temples have legends dating back to centuries, some as old as mankind itself.

  4. Trans Himalayan Buddhism

    Twelve centuries after the Buddha attained 'Nirvana', the Tibetan King, Songtsen Gampo ( Sron-bTsan Sgam-Po ) who ruled from 618 to 649 AD.), married Wen Cheng from the court of China's Tang dynasty and Bkrikuti Devi, a Nepalese princess. Under their influence, Buddhism slowly developed in the Central Himalaya.

  5. Monasteries in Himachal

    The sub-divisions of Lahaul and Spiti combine to make this trans Himalayan district of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The district headquarters are at Keylong in Lahaul, and the administrative seat of Spiti is at Kaza. Spiti is connected to Lahaul by the Kunzum Pass ( 4,590 metres ) and to the state capital, Shimla, through the district of Kinnaur.

  6. Churches in Himachal

    The imposing Church stand majestically on the ridge, is the second oldest Church in North India. It has a very a very majestic appearance and inside there are stained glass windows which represent faith, hope, charity, patience and humanity. It was built in 1857. In fact it has become synonymous with Shimla and no picture of two town is complate without it.