Tourism in Khajjiar Himachal Pradesh:

2000 metres ) 22 km. from Dalhausie and 23 km. from Chamba ) A little out of Dalhousie is a beautiful, charming retreat that makes an ideal day excursion or even an overnight visit. Far from any major town, this tranquil spot has a small lake in the centre, on which is a floating island. Fed by slim streams, this small lake rests in the centre of the large glade of Khajjiar. The glade and the lake are held sacred to Khajjinag - after whom the place is named. Khajjiar has the thick forest of the Kalatop sanctuary surrounding its soft green grass. It is 1.5 km long and 1 km wide. It is surrounded by cedar (deodar) forest. This is like a magical paradise. A temple dedicated to Khajjinag is also located there. Khajjiar is also called "Mini Switzerland". The lake remains full of water in all the seasons and requires no rain water for survival.

Khajjiar : A journey through photographs

Beautiful Journey : Going from Dalhausie to Khajjiar is a soothing experience as you drive through the beautiful Bakrota Hills. As you keep on going, after some time, you enter the 'Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary' and you also see the beautiful 'Lakkad Mandi'. The whole journey is enjoyable because the road leads you through the magnificent 'Deodar' forests. You can easily notice the deep quietness in the environment which adds to the beautiful experience of the entire journey to Khajjiar.

Towards Khajjiar Lake : As you keep on moving, you approach the point ( see photo on the left side ) from where you can have the bird's eye view of the 'Khajjiar ground and the lake in the middle. Honestly, it seems like a dream from far. So you should stop at this point and have a view of this wonderful creation of the mother nature. After that you move towards the Khajjiar Lake and the ground.

Beautiful Khajjiar Lake and Ground : No wilderness in Himachal is so easily accessible and beautiful. It is the magical paradise which quickly makes you realise that there is no place like this in the whole world. The magnificent of majestic 'deodar' is at its best here. Khajjiar lake is associated with a legend, it is associated with Khajjinag, the deity that is enshrined in the temple here.

Kailash View and Horse Riding : On a clear day, you can see the Mountain Kailash from Khajjiar ground. You can also enjoy the horse riding here. Some local people are engaged in this business and you can ride the whole Khajjiar ground (from outside) for a nominal charge. The riding is very enjoyable, also the horses are well trained and do not scare you away.

'Panch Pandav' Tree : On the left side is the photograph of one of the rest houses in Khajjiar. This one is special because the tree near the rest house is of a very different kind. It is called the "Panch Pandav" (Five Pandavs). Though the main root is the same but the base of the tree is divided into five parts, which make it one of the kind. It is also one of the main attractions when you begin to explore the Khajjiar ground on your feet. Near this rest house is the way leading to a small village and Khajjiar School.

Khajjiar Rest Houses : There are many rest houses situated just outside the Khajjiar ground and some of them were built during the British era. Look at the image on the right side - a very old rest house, the construction of the rest house is very interesting. Local people tell some interesting stories about the rest house ( something supernatural ). However it looks very beautiful in the farmost corner of the Khajjiar ground.

Khajjiar Villages : Besides the view of the Lake in the middle of the ground, there is a lot more to explore. Outside the Khajjiar ground is thick deodar forest and amidst the forest, there are various small villages i.e. khajjiar village, rota village, ladi village etc. (mainly situated near the slopes) Villages are situated far from each other, but not too far from Khajjiar ground. There are many apple orchards in Khajjiar area. Look at the photograph on the right side - This is a small village named ladi and you can see many apple trees in the image and when the season comes, they are full of apples. On the right side is the photograph of Khajjiar village. The location of the village is striking. You can have the breathtaking view of the hills from here. No doubt, the whole Khajjiar area is a magical paradise.

Tourism in Khajjiar :

Tourism in Khajjiar offers a wonderland found only in fairy tales. It is a place which looks like a dreamland. Tourism in Khajjiar offers an unforgettable experience of lifetime. With its magical beauty, thick deodar trees and a beautiful lake right in the middle of ground, Khajjiar area simply leaves you speachless and you just loose your heart to the breath taking beauty of this natural paradise. Tourism in Khajjiar is highly suitable for honeymoon, summer holiday escape and winter sports activities. Once you get here, you don't want to leave. Tourism in Khajjiar also offers camping amidst the magical forets of deodar trees. Many hotels provide facility of camping in nearby areas of Khajjiar. No matter what other tourist places in Himachal offer to visitors, tourism in Khajjiar is an escape to a fairy land. No other wilderness in Himachal come close to even half of the heart touching beauty of Khajjiar. It is also the most easily accessible wilderness in Himachal. Tourism in Khajjiar also offers Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary to explore the wildlife of this area. All in all, Tourism in Khajjiar offers something unique that cannot be replaced by any other tourist place in India.

Khajjiar : General Information

Altitude : 2,000 metres

Headquarter : Chamba (altitude 1006 metres )

Location : In district Chamba.

Access by Air : Nearest airport is Gaggal ( Kangra ) 134 km. via 'Siunta' and Amritsar 213 km.

Access by Rail : The nearest broad gauge railway station is at Pathankot 142 km.

Access by Road : Almost each and every part of the state is linked by roads. The Himachal Road Transport Corporation is running its buses covering the whole state. There is huge network of HRTC to cater the needs of the people.

Distances : Amritsar 213km., Chamba 23 km., Chandigarh 322 km., Delhi 585 km., Jammu 210 km., Jalandhar 214 km., Manali 382 km. and Pathankot 102 km.

khajjiar ground view photograph

Dalhousie to Khajjiar
dalhousie to khajjiar road photograph

Khajjiar in Winter
khajjiar view during winter photograph

Kailash View
mountain kailash view

Old Rest House
khajjiar rest house view photograph

Horse Riding
khajjiar horse riding view photograph

Panch Pandav Tree
khajjiar panch pandav tree photograph

Khajjiar Village
khajjiar village view photograph