Tourism in Palampur Himachal Pradesh:

Palampur is a fascinating spot in the Kangra Valley, surrounded on all sides by tea gardens and pine forests. The place enjoys a healthy climate and the pine scented air is said to have curative properties. The scenery presents a sublime and beautiful contrast- the plain presents a picture of rural loveliness and repose, while the hills are majestic. Behind this town stands high ranges of Dhauladhar mountains, whose tops remain covered for most part of the year. This place is being developed as large tourist centre. A ropeway and an amusement park is also on the to be established here. An Agricultural University is already functioning and some tea factories are also coming up. There are also some pleasant walks around the town. A short walk from here takes one to the awe inspiring Bundla chasm which falls over a 100mts. to the Bundla stream. The stream is a thin streak running over stony ground far below the cliff. During the monsoon seasons, it swells and rages - madly over the entire width of the chasm taking stones and boulders along with it and makes loud roaring noise like thunder. Palampur houses two very important institutions - Agriculture University and CSIR Complex.

Famous Places Around Palampur :

Bir and Beelling : ( 35 km. from town.) This village is famous for its Buddhist monasteries. Hang gliding pilots use it as their landing site. Bir, surrounded by tea gardens and an amphitheater of low hills, is an ideal landing around for para-gliders. Bir has Buddhist Monasteries that are worth visiting. Fine Tibetan handi craft are also produced here. Billing, up in the hills 14 kms. from Bir with an arena of 200 kms. for high altitude and cross country flying, is one of the best aerosports sites in the country.

Baijnath : ( 16 km. from town.) The Shiva temple at Baijnath is one of the most remarkable monuments of the Kangra valley. Ancient name of this town was 'Kirgrama'. Baijnath got its name from Shiva Vaidyanatha. The temple consists of an 'Adytum' surrounded by a spire of the usual conical shape with a 'Mandap' covered with a low pyramid shaped roof. The 'Adytum' contains the Lingam. There is fine sculpture work to be associated with Ravana, who worshipped Shiva at this spot and gained immortality. Baijnath is one of the 'Twelve Jyotirlingams'. Shivratri of Baijnath is a well attended fair.

Neugal Khad : ( 2 km. from town.) Neugal Khad provides a fine view of the Dhauladhar range. It is roaring in the rainy season and gurgling all the year round. Himachal Tourism cafe provides food and a fine view from its restaurant. It is a famous picnic spot and ideal for a day escape from busy life.

Bundla Stream : ( 2 km. from town) Bundla stream with wide chasm of more than 100 metres, swells up and rises madly in monsoons taking stones and boulders along with it making a loud noise like that of continuous thunder. This is a lovely walk from Palampur to Budla.

Andreta : ( 13 km. from town ) It is the home of the famous artist, late Sardar Shobha Singh and late playwriter Norah Richards. This presents an excellent view of the Dhauladhar Range.

Shobha Singh's Art Gallery : It is situated in Andhretta which is 13 km. from town.

Tourism in Palampur :

Tourism in Palmapur offers breath taking Dhauladhar Mountain Range, world famous para gliding areas, easy access to snow line, old temples, world famous artist Shobha Singh's Art Gallery, very fine weather, tea gardens, a trek to budla stream which falls from 100 meters height. Palampur is a rapidly developing city of Himachal. The best thing about Palampur is that it always feels like home town whenever you visit here. The whole atmosphere is so pleasant that tourists enjoy it without knowing it. Tourism in Palampur is reccomended for honeymoon, summer holidays and winter sports activities. The upper areas of Palampur experience heavy snowfall and thereby providing plenty of oppotunity for tourists to get themselves indulged in winter sports activities. Another noting aspect of Palampur is that it does not fall in the interior Himachal to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is very very easily accessible for tourism related activities. It has fine hotels to stay. Tourism in Palampur also offers fine Tea Gardens where you can lay down and relax for hours. Tourism in Palampur is a different experience as Palampur is different from all the Tourist Places of Himachal.

Palampur : General Information

Altitude : 1,219 meters.

Headquarter : Dharamshala ( Headquarter of district Kangra )

Location : In district Kangra, 40 km. from Kangra town on National Highway No. 20

Access by Air : Nearest airport is Gaggal airport located 50 km. from Palampur.

Access by Rail : Nearest broad gauge railhead is Pathankot 95 km from Kangra. A narrow gauge railway line between Pathankot and Jogindernagar passes through Kangra. Nearest railhead is at a distance of 5 km. from town.

Access by Road : Almost each and every part of the state is linked by roads. The Himachal Road Transport Corporation is running its buses covering the whole state. There is huge network of HRTC to cater the needs of the people.

Distances : Dharamshala 35 km., Kangra 40 km., Baijnath 16 km., Jogindernagar 40 km., Pathankot 124 km., Dalhousie 176 km., Shimla 235 km.

Palampur Fields
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Shobha Singh's Art Gallery
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Paragliding at Billing
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